Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Say 'no' to crackers by Vishnu Raghuraman

It may be fun
to hear the threat
of the 'enemy'
but it will be only for a short while
after that you will regret

Crackers will entice you
but please stay away
for if you burst them,
you will have to pay

''let us vanquish all our bad qualities
and develop all the good qualities''

Happy Diwali!


umashank said...

hi vishnu,
happy diwali to you too.
with rising pollution levels,there is an emergency to keep our environment free from smoke.this poem is indeed an eye opener.
it is nice to know that youngsters like you are very keen in protecting the environment.
do you know that sivakasi in Tamil nadu is the place where all the crackers are made?many children are employed in making these crackers.with the joint effort of everyone we can put an end to this practice.
good work vishnu!


Roon said...

Hi Vishnu - really nice to see a post like this from someone of your age. When we were kids we were not so smart - and never thought in these lines. Way to go !!

By the way - did you know that when hp makes PCs, they are extremely environment friendly ?... we learnt it from kids like you :-)

Your poetry is good - keep writing. I will keep dropping in every once in a while.

Vishnu said...

dear roon uncle,

thank you very much.please keep on visiting the blog,i will post many
intersting poems.


The said...

hai vishnu sairam.excellent work. u are so meture to understand what is good &what is bad. heep smiling .have fun. have a wonderful deepavali. jiji patti.